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What More Can EFT & Matrix Reimprinting help with?

Relationship Issues

If you are struggling with relationship issues there may be subconscious belief system(s) or energy patterns which are either blocking or drawing circumstances into your relationship. Transforming these energies helps to transform your relationships.

Money Difficulties

We all have different views about money based on our culture, our upbringing and personal values. Understanding the energetic blocks that prevent you from accessing money, drawing money into your life or losing it too quickly can be transformational for your life. 

Pain Management

Pain often manifests in the body due to blocked energy systems creating a build up of pressure which translates into pain. Tuning into the energy of the pain allows us to identify the energetic cause and clear it from the body. Each part of the body is linked to different emotions and can help to decipher its emotional origin.

Anxiety / Depression

Both EFT and Matrix are very effective in helping to clear anxiety and depression. 

They help to clear the triggers which would normally cause these emotional states to arise.


It works with recent or very old memories that need clearing from your energetic system.

This is all done safely without re-living the memory or trauma.


Trauma can be big or small, or a drip-drip situation over several years. 

Suppression of these feelings old or new never serve us, they need to be released. 


Phobias are connected to unresolved significant events in our life that are stored in our subconscious mind. Clearing these results in the phobia disappearing. 


Addictions are often coping mechanisms to help avoid emotional pain in the present moment. Often we are unaware of these triggers as they are held within our subconscious mind.

Physical Illness

Physical illness is connected to unresolved emotions, stress and trauma held within our body. Once the energy is cleared the body is able to heal much faster. 

Allergies & Immunity

If you experience recurring colds and outbreaks it can be an indication of a weakened immune system. Allergies and auto-immune conditions indicate an overactive immune system. Both require holistic analysis to determine the root cause.

Weight Gain & Loss

Our emotions are very closely linked to our relationship with food. We look to assess the mechanisms behind weight gain & loss exploring our food habits.

Women’s Health

For a woman, there are several key female hormones that need to remain in balance for the body to function optimally. Getting to the root cause of any hormone imbalances is key to bringing reproductive health back into homeostasis. 

Men’s Health

Poor male reproductive health also require support through a holistic approach.

Life Purpose / Direction

Our purpose and direction in life are directly connected to the subconscious beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us. Change your beliefs and you can change your life. 

Grief & Loss

Matrix Reimprinting is very effective at dealing with grief and loss of a loved one. This includes pregnancy loss too. We work in a safe and controlled way to get you to a place of comfort, resolution and peace.

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