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Are you stuck in the same loops, the same patterns, and you need help finding your way forward?

Together we make long lasting change and bring health and wellbeing back into your life!

Do you Struggle With Physical or Emotional Pain?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping) & Matrix Reimprinting is effective for most issues

I specialise in supporting you through..

Anything Else?

What is EFT & Matrix Reimprinting?

Both modalities use a blend of methods based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure, energy medicine, and modern psychology.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as tapping, is an evidence-based modality backed by scientific research that focuses on using your fingers to tap on the meridian pressure points on the body while expressing thoughts and emotions relevant to your issue. This helps to release the emotional charge out of the problem and disrupts negative thought patterns.

Matrix Reimprinting works with a past memory that is an issue and uses EFT directly on your past self. Negative or limiting beliefs are identified and then safely transformed by resourcing the younger self with love and care needed at the time. This helps to create new positive thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs which is ‘reimprinted‘ through the body in a guided meditation type of way.

Both modalities are complimentary to one another and are uniquely powerful and gentle approaches to uncovering and reframing the root cause of a person’s presenting difficulty. This changes your relationship with your past, which impacts your present and future emotional and physical health.

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping Points Diagram Chart with Names of Each Point on the Body

Do you want to..

  • Discover peace and calmness from anxiety?
  • Be more at ease with less stress/overwhelm?
  • Experience freedom from physical pain?
  • Feel like you are good enough?
  • Be comfortable with who you are?
  • Feel more secure in your daily life?
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Gain relief from unresolved experiences?
  • Release root causes of negative thinking?
  • Dissolve blockages?
  • Improve your life and wellbeing? 
  • Choose healthy behaviours and stick to them?
Scientific research demonstrates that our mind affects our biology, and the profound connection between our thoughts, our emotions and our physical body.

This connection is essential to our
happiness and wellbeing.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting helps calm the nervous system and regulate the fight / flight / freeze response.

We all experience traumatic moments, a session together can help you to process and release the emotions you felt at the time and for your body to discharge any trapped associations.

Words from Happy Clients

11zon_cropped (1)
11zon_cropped (1)

Cara Beltrame

“Klara is a gifted and skilled EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. She has such a gentle approach that really helped make me feel comfortable and at ease. She is naturally intuitive and just seems to know how to feel into a problem and find relatable solutions. 

Klara helped heal some of the chronic conditions I’ve been experiencing which has really helped me to let go of the things that have been holding me back. I would recommend anyone to work with Klara.”

“I had the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful soothing energy of Klara in a Matrix Reimprinting session. Klara’s serene voice and expertise guide you on a journey to access any memories with limiting beliefs that are transformed into new positive thoughts and feelings. 

Klara’s direction was professional, comforting and safe. I was left with feeling of well-being and tranquility. I highly recommend working with Klara and Matrix Reimprinting to support you to grow in your journey of self-healing. A+++”

Klara from Guided Bloom Portrait Photo

Hi, I’m Klara.

As a certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, I can guide you to discover a healthier, happier you!

I was first introduced to EFT a decade ago and more recently Matrix Reimprinting and have been using them to empower myself and my clients ever since. After deep study and practice the last few years, I am now certified in both modalities and I am passionate about helping others find their own innate power to self-heal and create the life they desire.

Through Matrix Reimprinting and EFT, I help my clients to release restrictive limiting patterns and beliefs, process traumatic experiences, and access their own inner wisdom to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and soul.

Through the transformative power of these modalities and meditation, I have embarked on a profound healing journey the past few years that has brought immense relief to the physical and emotional challenges that once plagued me. Anxiety, a relentless companion, has gradually subsided, the once-debilitating clutches of period pain have also loosened their grip, and the chronic back pain that weighed heavily upon my life and body has been alleviated. The transformative effects of these practices and tools have been remarkable, empowering me to navigate these challenges, and more, with greater ease and resilience.

I firmly believe that everyone has the power and capacity to awaken the deepest parts of themselves and create positive change in their lives. I am committed to helping my clients access their inner strength and gain clarity along the way. If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey, I invite you to connect with me so that together we can unlock the transformative potential within you and empower you to bloom into the fullness of your being!

Klara x

Bachelor of Music | Education Support III | Reiki Level 1
Working With Children’s Check | National Police Check

Academy Logos for Completion of Studies for Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting
The Intention

“The intention behind my guidance is to foster a sanctuary where individuals can safely explore their emotions and embark on a transformative healing journey. By creating a non-judgmental and supportive environment, I aim to facilitate a deep connection with one’s inner truth, allowing clients to navigate the depths of their emotions, acknowledge their wounds, and cultivate self-awareness. 

My approach emphasises the interconnectedness of emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, enabling clients to understand the underlying patterns that shape their experiences. Through this process, they gain the insights, confidence and tools to navigate life’s complexities with greater resilience, purpose, and a profound sense of self-worth. Ultimately, my guidance empowers clients to take ownership of their healing and growth, equipping them with the wisdom and strength to live authentic, fulfilling lives.”


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I am here to help guide you on your
journey to bloom!

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“Klara is the best! She has such a warm and glowing personality ! She has in-depth knowledge about her healing modality and I always feel so light after a healing session with here. Highly recommended!!!”

Matrix Reimprinting Tapping in the Field

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you navigate some frequently asked questions you can click on the options below to quickly get the answers you need.

To help you navigate some frequently asked questions you can
click on the options below to quickly get the answers you need.

We will discuss the issue(s) you’d like help with and this time gives us a chance to meet each other, ask questions and make sure we are a good fit to work together.

Overall we will enter a relaxed state to work from, you will be asked to describe how, what and where you feel things in your body and we’ll start with some tapping to lower the intensity of these feelings to make it safe to explore further.

Then we will continue tapping as needed and if a past memory is accessed, there we will find out how the younger past version of yourself was feeling, how we can help make them feel better, and get to understand what the belief was that they made.

Whatever changes are made both visually and cognitively will be ‘reimprinted’ through the body in a guided meditation type of way.  

Everything will be explained beforehand and as we go along.

Both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are complimentary modalities that are included within the session and fee.

Just like everyone is different, so too are our problems. Depending on how deep-rooted, persistent, or complex an issue is, typically committing to several sessions (approx. 6-10) provides more time to explore thoroughly and experience longer lasting outcomes.

While we are all constantly evolving and will face new issues to tackle all the time, a client should feel “done” with the particular issue they are working on to feel they are able to move forward in life, and that is a personal conclusion. At the very least, the client should emerge from the first session with feeling hope that their issue will ultimately be resolved.

Online sessions are just as effective as in-person. Appointments in the comfort of your own space eliminates travel time and costs, it also provides time afterwards to integrate the work rather than rushing off.

Yes face-to-face sessions are available! The location is 80 Paisley St in Footscray which is only a few minutes walk from two train stations or there’s a bus stop right out front. There is also 2 hour free street parking and a pole to secure bikes.

Absolutely not! You will not be re-traumatised as we use different techniques to gently work around any discomfort. In fact if need be you don’t have to share any details at all, although it is helpful for me to know a little bit about the issue.

You may feel lighter, relaxed, clearer, calmer and also tired after a session.

Sometimes the work can create a detox response where you actually become worse before getting better. Pain may become more intense, symptoms may flare up, emotions may surface, several days of exhaustion can happen, and in rare instances skin rashes, fevers, vomiting, and loose stools can happen. However (!) these are all an indication of detoxification which are better out than in and pass within a few days.

It is recommended to take it easy directly after a session and for a few days, drink lots of water, and take magnesium supplements or an epsom salt bath if possible to support the body in its process of releasing.

You may start to notice a difference in how you feel immediately after your session. And then days, weeks or months after you may also start to notice how things unfold in your life, the different ways you think, behave, perhaps the way others treat you, and the opportunities that come your way.

It’s important to remember that when working on the subtle body energy, we are working on the core and foundation behind what is creating the problem. This means you may not always see a ‘quick fix’ change right away. But that doesn’t mean you’re not having a result, it’s that it might not be at that physical level of change, yet!

So when making shifts on the foundation level, you may just feel subtle shifts to start with, like feeling lighter or feeling 2% less of the baseline of the issue you’re dealing with, maybe the pain will feel the same but you might also feel a little more at peace being there, or the symptoms are the same but you feel more hopeful and inspired. So that all might be subtle at first, but if you bring your attention to that level where shifts are happening, you will get better results because what you focus on expands, so you will amplify and accelerate those shifts that are occurring at that more subtle level. 

This work is long lasting and not a quick fix approach. This is a powerful way of doing the work, because unlike a ‘quick fix’ you don’t have to keep going back to it over and over because you haven’t resolved the foundation.

Yes absolutely, both modalities are gentle and safe. It’s important to remember that you remain fully conscious, aware and in control at all times. In fact, the worst thing that could happen is if nothing happens at all.

To make the most out of your session, you will need to be comfortable sharing personal stories with me. Everything you tell me is confidential, and I’m not here to judge. The goal is to uncover and heal the root cause of your issue so they don’t return.

I encourage you to come with an open mind, tap in between sessions as needed, and complete any assigned homework like reimprinting your final session outcome for at least 21 days, which is the recommended time it takes to create a new habit. Just like exercise, the effects build with repetition. However, everyone is different, you can change your perception in 21 seconds or 21 months, it depends on the individual, the intensity of the issue and the meaning placed on it.

The power of our beliefs is undoubtable, they shape our thoughts, provide fuel for our emotional reactions and shape our reality. If we can change our beliefs, well, we can change anything!

Think about the placebo effect in science. The power of a ‘fake’ sugar pill has been proven thousands of times. It is our belief in the placebo that enables us to heal ourselves.

What do you believe about yourself? Do you believe you are good looking? Healthy? Weak? Is the world a safe or dangerous place? Our beliefs are the glasses of which we view life through. We have thousands of them which we hold in our subconscious mind, many will be supportive, but we will also have formed beliefs from past events in our lives that can create a whole host of problems.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting techniques are not placebo tools, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in them, although more and more scientific research is constantly being shown, you can read about it all here. But what is of key importance is that you want to change for the better!

People spend a lot of money trying to make themselves feel better all the time, a nice dinner out, new shoes, a holiday. All of these might work, just not for very long! Booking sessions is an investment in yourself. You no longer need to distract yourself from your problems, instead you can work to resolve them. 

Any questions you may have you can ask during your free meet and greet video call, or you’re welcome to get in touch at [email protected]

“I have had a few sessions with Klara. I find it really easy to work with her, the way she always makes me comfortable and at ease to open up. She helped me with many long term and day to day struggles. No matter how bad I feel, I always know I will have a smile on my face after I have a session with Klara. I highly recommend her!”

“Having already experienced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting I was really taken aback with the session I had with Klara. Klara’s innate process just swept me away and led to so much clarity in the issue I was tackling. It’s not often I come across someone I would recommend so highly. Thank you Klara.”

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Helping you grow beyond anxiety, pain and limitations.

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where I gratefully work and live, the Wurundjeri People, and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.


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